Doylestown Pennsylvania Nightlife

Whether you're a year- or perennial enthusiast or an everyday extrovert, there's a karaoke night for everyone in Bucks County. Karaoke regulars from across the Bucks district are the clubbers, enjoying an extensive, up-to-date song list, and enjoying the bar's food, including beer and wine, as well as a variety of drinks and snacks. There are also hundreds of thousands of people from Philly and Pittsburgh who are happy with the night, but not stressed about their behavior. Maybe it's the excessive PBR memorabilia, or maybe it's the loud live music that runs all night long ; almost always you see people pinned to the wall or making out. Bob and Barbara's is one of the most popular bars in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with over 1,000 members.

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If you have any questions about a trip or golf membership, call us at 215 - 862 - 5883, the sought-after Hall of Fame Golf Club in Doylestown. They offer everything from guided tours to private golf courses and golf lessons, so call before you make your reservation.

We assume that your accommodation is within walking distance of several attractions, so you can easily venture out. Bridge Street will take you from Lambertville, New Jersey, to New Hope, which is a short drive from Doylestown Airport and a few miles away. For good orientation in New Hope, take a horse tour of the city that starts at the Cannon at Logan's Inn.

Doylestown DART is a service provided by Bucks County Transportation and consists of two routes, one to Philadelphia and the other to Scranton, New York City. Greyhound Lines offers an intercity bus service to Doyestown departing from the Greyhound Terminal in Scrantson, Philadelphia. The Trans-Bridge Lines connect Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from where daily runs run north to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Route 611 leads north to Easton and south to Philadelphia and east to Scranton, New York City. Doylestown Health operates the DOYlestOWN Hospital on West State Street, serving the city of Doysestown and the surrounding area as well as the rest of Bucks County.

The restaurant offers seating in the dining room and a bar in Tap & Barrel Tavern, which has a complete bar with a wide selection of beers, wines and wine glasses. Entertainment is provided by nationally renowned cabaret artists and a jazz / blues dance band, which livens up the bar on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Listen to live music from local artists, such as the Doylestown Symphony Orchestra, who perform on selected guest dates.

If you're a pro and don't mind taking to the stage, try Havana in New Hope for a good time. Visit the Open Mic Nights, held every Wednesday to express your love of music, or if you want to relax while singing different tunes, you can also try the Doylestown Symphony Orchestra's Open Mic Night on Wednesday night.

Sunday jazz brunch is a fun way to sip mimosa and listen to the blues, and the Colonial knows how to keep its karaoke regulars happy with what it offers. The changing menu of locally produced beers, wines and cocktails makes it an inviting place to find your next appointment.

The Cuban bar in New Hope is open all weekend, so you don't have to wait until the weekend to have some fun. As the sun sets in this Bucks County establishment, drinks are served, vocal cords warmed and you can enjoy a fun-filled evening.

Take a trip to Doylestown or Philadelphia to meet up with friends and enjoy a night of dancing, drinking and partying before heading to a big city nightclub. The idea is this Philly outpost where you can hang out in a bar, get a paddle and play. You can even get back to Doylestow to keep the party going by leaving the ride to someone else.

The karaoke mobile is located in a rather secluded corner, which is not visible to three quarters of the visitors. It is open all night, although the tiny refuge attracts a late-night crowd that only visits a handful of people at a time.

The towpath along the Delaware Canal is an idyllic retreat for walking, running and cycling, but one of Lambertville's main pleasures is not commerce at all. M.O.M. in Doylestown is another great place to enjoy crafts and live entertainment. The tavern uses a combination of local ingredients such as grass-fed burgers and local craft beer to create a delicious mix of beer and food, as well as a variety of craft cocktails.

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More About Doylestown