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Since 2000, Doylestown Studio has housed some of Pennsylvanians "most popular impressionist works in the heart of Pennsylvania's largest and most vibrant art district. It is located at the intersection of North Main Street and South Broad Street, north of the Pennsylvania State University campus.

In addition to traveling and temporary exhibitions, it has a permanent collection of works by Pennsylvania artists, including Pennsylvania Impressionists. Examples of the artists featured are: Robert Rauschenberg, John Singer Sargent, Paul Gauguin and Paul Klee. The collection includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs, posters, books and other materials.

Mark W. Sullivan holds a PhD in Art History from Bryn Mawr College and specializes in American art and architecture. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums across the country, including the New York Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.

The museum's collection includes works from paper and Bucks County, ranging from colonial times to the present. The Michener Museum is the largest collection of its kind in the United States and the second largest in Pennsylvania. The museum houses items that are part of the collection of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the U.S. Geological Survey. There are more than 1,000 works of art from all over the world and a large number of prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures and other works of art.

In 1993, Lynn Taylor & Associates of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, expanded the museum to include a large exhibition gallery and vaults. Note: The art colony at the center of the New Hope in the early 20th century with changing exhibitions ranging from regionally focused exhibitions to exhibitions from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Tablets are scattered around the gallery, allowing you to learn more about each work of art on display in the museum. Immerse yourself in these devices by immersing yourself in the museum and gaining a greater appreciation for the art and artists on display.

As a photographer, I have always enjoyed all forms of art and it was great to see several exceptional photographers from Bucks County see the area and the world around us.

Pennsylvania Impressionism was characterized by the use of the same painting style as that practised in other parts of the United States. The artists worked in a style that often resembled Fauvism, but they kept away from landscape painting, which abolished the same thick brushstroke that the founders of this movement preferred. After settling in Bucks County, the work of the Pennsylvania Impressionists went out of fashion, giving way to modernist styles such as abstraction and cubism. American artists captured the beauty of the landscape of our region in their own way.

Chester County became the center of Pennsylvania Impressionism when the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1917. Some of the most important artists of this movement were taught and practiced in this style at Penn State University School of Art in Chester County. The New Hope School is a reference to the artists from Bucks County who created some of our best known works.

In the 20th century, Bucks County became a popular destination for artists who wanted to capture the unspoiled landscape of the landscape. It was this spirit of creativity and ingenuity that inspired the development of many of our county's most famous artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg and John Singer Sargent.

People in and around Doylestown enjoy the permanent exhibitions and events that take place here. Guests visiting the Mercer Museum in downtown Doyslestow will have the opportunity to learn more about Mercer's passion for collecting and to share in the museum's history.

This gallery features works by local artists from Bucks County, including works by local artists such as David Hockney, John Hickey and John Dickson. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this gallery guide very useful for Pennsylvania. It offers art galleries, galleries and gallery guides throughout Pennsylvania in Doylestown, Bucks, Montgomery, Allegheny, Chester, Berks, Lehigh, Delaware, Dauphin and Montgomery County. Click on "Art Gallery Guide" at the top of the navigation and you will find a list of all galleries in the area as well as links to the gallery website and Facebook page.

This art gallery features works by local artists such as David Hockney, John Hickey and John Dickson. Of course, there is also a large collection of furniture and sculptures, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and other works of art. Even the museum bench is a creative work of art and you could see the art both in the gallery and on the walls of the building itself.

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More About Doylestown

More About Doylestown